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Selasa, 29 November 2011


Jika f(x) adalah fungsi yang differensiabel maka dx)x('fadalahc)x(f
A. Rumus Dasar
1. c1nx1n1dxnx dengan 1n
2. cxlndx1xdxx1
3. cxcosxdxsin
4.  cxsinxdxcos
5.  cxtanxdx2sec
6.  cxcotxdx2csc
7.  cxsecxdxtan.xsec
8.  cxcscxdxcot.xcsc
B. Integral tentu
Jika maka c)x(gdx)x(f
C. Sifat-sifat integral
1. dx)x(gdx)x(fdx)x(g)x(f
2. dx)x(gdx)x(fdx)x(g)x(f
3. dx)x(fkdx)x(kf
4. dx)x(fdx)x(fabba
5. dx)x(fdx)x(fdx)x(fcacbba
6. 0dx)x(faax = ax = by = f(x)y = g(x)L = badx)x(g)x(f
D. Menghitung luas daerah
aby = f(x)xL= dx)x(fba
aby = f(x)xL= dx)x(fba 
Irvan Dedy Bimbingan Belajar SMA Dwiwarna
E. Volume Benda Putar
Irvan Dedy Bimbingan Belajar SMA Dwiwarna
a b x y = f(x) v = 
ba2dxy a b y x = f(y) v = 
F Integral Parsial

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